“I like to enter the curl of a wave on a very shallow reef and hear the sound of my heart beating.”- Christian Fletcher

Written by Yvonne Ho

Photo by Yvonne Ho / Rachel Chang

I didn’t know who he was until I searched on the Internet and my jaw just dropped.  I still feel like dreaming after he left Taiwan. Not only is Christian Fletcher a surf legend, his whole family is surf royalty.  中文 Continue reading


Interview – Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson

Being a self-taught journalist and photographer Jeff Johnson has lived a colorful life and still is.  Staff photographer at Patagonia, world traveler, Hawaiian lifeguard, and flight attendant, Jeff has worn many different types of shoes and has been on many different adventures, some documented some not.  My first introduction to Jeff was from his book “Bend to Baja” and it was that about of a road trip, traveling with your friends and looking for some adventure which inspired me to go out and do the same. We hope this interview can inspire others to go out there and try new things.  That DIY/ try everything approach might one day get you to where Jeff is now. 中文 Continue reading

The Zone : Jack Coleman’s new surf movie

Who are you and where are you right now?

Well I guess my name is Jack Coleman and I’m an independent film maker & photographer, who is living out his dream shooting surfings most interesting characters, known and unknown. I split time between California & the rest of the world chasing swells & trying to create imagery that inspires people to explore the spiritual realm of the life journey, that is surfing.

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