Introduction // SooperSnake // Ryan Lovelace Surf | Craft


For the Soopersnake, its based off of a board that Ryan Burch shaped for my friend Trevor Gordon. We took his general concept and balance and tried to make a wider, shorter version of the board for our local conditions since the original was shaped as a slight step-up board.

I’m still playing with the shape, but everyone that Ive given one to so far has been super happy and told me nothing but good things about its functionality. The Keel on the toe side can range anywhere from full twin style keel, all the way down to something that resembles a large thruster fin; depending on how the rider wants to come off the bottom and into the lip – the keel will project down the line longer, and a more upright thruster kind of fin will let you go vertical with more ease. The idea is for the outline and fin to let you make a ton of speed on the toe side, and to have a heel-side concept that can control that speed and make use of it. Most boards that are good at making speed down the line are not great for controlling that speed in a cutback, so with an asymmetrical approach you can get the best of both worlds and end up with a much more useable ‘whole’ surfboard.


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