Interview – Macy Mullen

Macy Mullen – VAST Life Taiwan

Tell us your name, where you are from, how long you have been surfing, how did you start, and a little bit about your surfing history

Macy Mullen from Mililani Hi, started surfing at the age of 9. Taught by my father on the Southwest shores of Ewa Beach of Oahu.

We heard you are half Taiwanese. Tell us about your unique bloodline. How did you parents meet? Why you did not return to Taiwan until a bit older.

Yes, I am Taiwanese. My mom is from Kaohsiong and met my Dad while overseas in the military. 6 month Later they were married and my mom left Taiwan for the states.  I have no idea why it took us so long to come back… Wish I would of come back a long time ago, knowing what I know now!!!

Macy Mullen – VAST Life Taiwan

Your first experience in Taiwan was not very positive. Why?

My very first experience with Taiwan wasn’t too positive. Lol. I came back in 97/98 with my brother and my mom, and my brother had to leave early due to work. So being that my mom was back home, she just took off with the language and our family.  I was stuck cruising around solo with no one to communicate with really, and that was the longest 2 weeks I ever experienced…. Lol

Last year you visit Taiwan again with VAST. Tell us how you started with VAST, why you guys came to Taiwan, and how your perception of Taiwan changed?

Yes, last year was an amazing experience coming back to Taiwan, it was an awesome time. It totally changed my views and perception of Taiwan. The first time I went it was more just sight seeing and being told things instead of explained. Things were beautiful but I never knew the depth of all the meanings of it all. But when I returned with the VAST crew, I had peers teaching me their ways and showing me their spots, the treasures, and the customs… It was very enlightening… It made me proud to Taiwanese….

Macy Mullen – VAST Life Taiwan

You also visited your uncle and grandpa. Can you share a little about that experience?

Yes. The last trip I was able to visit my family members from Taiwan which I rarely ever get to see. My grandfather was not doing so well and I was extremely blessed to have been able to see him before his passing. It was a very emotional but uplifting experience.. And I can’t thank VAST enough for that opportunity…

What was you favorite part of Taiwan? Favorite city? Favorite food? Least favorite thing about Taiwan?

My favorite part of Taiwan was everything. Lol! Was so hard just to pick one thing. The whole experience was one of my best trips ever!!! From touchdown to take off I felt like I connected with a part of me I knew very little about. My least favorite thing was leaving Taiwan….

Macy Mullen – VAST Life Taiwan

Tell us more about surfing Taiwan.

Surfing in Taiwan was a trip. When we got there we had no idea what to expect, no one knew what to bring equipment wise. So it was a huge roll of the dice. When we finally touched the water we scored some amazing fun and rippable waves everywhere we went. I was blown away. I felt like Gerry Lopez back when he was exploring Bali Indonesia before the world saturates it and overruns it with buildings and pollutants… Felt so refreshing…

We heard you are changing your WSL nationality to Taiwan. Tell us why you want to do this?

Yes. I’m more Taiwanese than any other of my ethnicities ( Hawaiian, Irish, and Taiwanese) and also that for such a amazing place with such amazing waves not to have more representative on the World Surf League is a shame. So when VAST and I spoke about the opportunity to do this, I was so honored to be able to represent a whole country with such amazing coastlines, amazing food, amazing culture, and amazing people, with some of the funnest waves I ever surfed…. and to hopefully bring some pride to Taiwan, my family, and my kids!!!

Macy Mullen – VAST Life Taiwan

Surfing is becoming more popular in Taiwan. Share some insights for young surfers in Taiwan. What inspires you to keep surfing? 

With surfing building in popularity in Taiwan and for what keeps me surfing and pushing is- my love and connection with something greater than me. Something I’ll never master but continue to be taught from. It teaches me lessons in and out of the water. And at the end of the day I feel that much better with me….

And if I could pass anything on to the younger generations is take care of what we got. Remember all of our natural resources are all we got. Once they go, we go…. So remember if we all come together and voice ourselves as one we all can change anything…. Also try and make our coastlines a little better each time we leave it, pick a piece of trash and see what kinda following you can get. Watch and see who around you will follow suit. It’s pretty rad….

For the groms who look up to guys like you, give some pointers on how to keep improving.

The best advice I could give anyone is follow your heart and always I mean always believe in YOU!  YOU are your own person, be creative, be free, and follow your dreams. I’m living proof if you follow what makes you happy and you put the time and hard work in, the rest will follow…. We are never given more than we can handle, and never be scared to ask…. BELIEVE….

Macy Mullen – VAST Life Taiwan

Finally, give a shout of to the people you love, people who support you, and the people of Taiwan.

I’d first like to thank VAST and all my sponsors for all that they do for me, allowing me to continue to do what I love and for BELIEVING in me as well…

A huge thank you to my family for all the support in the world if it wasn’t for my Mom and Dad I’d be nothing….
  To my kids, I love you with all of my heart and everything I do is for you… I hope one day when we look back you’ll be proud of your old man….
  And to all the boys from island to island throughout Hawaii thanks for pushing me to be my best….
  Most of all thank you Taiwan for letting me represent such a beautiful and amazing country. I hope to make you all proud as well…. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, shey shey!!!

Macy Mullen – VAST Life Taiwan

The interview supported by VAST Life Taiwan

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