About Us




Explorers Mag Taiwan

We love surfing and we want to share what we love with you.

Surfing is a lifestyle and we want to show you the lifestyles of surfers, artists,musicians, photographers, and directors. Everyone has something in common and that is the love for surfing.

Surfing has gave us everything and we hope reading about some of these people it will motivate you to go out and do what you love and surf more! From people here in Taiwan to people abroad each person’s love for surfing is strong and we hope you have that same passion as we do.

Surf forever and live the lifestyle.  We are fortunate to be surfers and do what we do.

Please share with your friends.  The more viewers we have, the more guests we can attract and share more information with you.  You can also follow us on Instagram @explorerslifesurf and our website at explorerslife.com



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