Interview // Manuel Caro – Mandala Surfboard

Surfing is supposed to be “FUN” and surfing a variety of different shapes and sizes is what makes me keep surfing. There are no rules stating that you only have to surf one type of board a certain type of style and that’s how I was introduced to Manuel Caro’s surfboards. His company is Mandala Surfboards and each board just looks so much fun to ride. From displacement hulls, quad fin fishes, to almost finless boards with mini-keels, all his boards feel like for someone like me, who isn’t a professional surfer and not a stronger paddler, can ride. If you’re looking for a new surfboard made you’ll think of a Mandala after reading this interview and go out there and go experiment with different types of boards! That’s what surfing is suppose to be, being able to put a smile on your face and Manuel’s boards will do that to you! 中文 Continue reading